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Yes you, sitting in that comfy chair, scrolling over my portfolio. Let me tell you a few words about myself. I am a creative mind made in Slovenia, but living across the globe, chasing my passion for design. I love the details - small touches such as the right paper which allows print materials to stand out even more, or excellent user interface which will let you proceed all information online.

I’m fluent in brand identities, typography and composition. There is nothing more fulfilling than finding new, imaginative ways to present a product, service and even ideas. Especially when you can do that in a comfy chair but out of your comfort zone! This is a place where the best ideas come to life (with some chocolate aside).
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Where elegancy meets art, the final product
is showing off as a peacock

BBrand Identity, Visual Communications
Designed for:
Personal Project
Peally is a study case of brand identity for a jewellery company. Selecting a peacock as a symbol of elegance and timelessness is a perfect match for something fragile and jet powerful - as jewellery.

Name Peally is compiled from words peacock and jewellery. Design elements are clean, minimalistic, and crystal, just like the materials used for jewellery. Brand identity if reflecting a modern, strong woman, who is not afraid to make decisions. And with all that, her best choice is to wear jewellery.

A clear logo which can be used on different sizes (smallest implemented on jewellery, more prominent for packaging and large for advertising) is a crucial part in placing the brand on a market. Simple lines, showing a silhouette of a peacock, can be used widely.
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Rose Gold
#D58B6D to #F4AF8D

75% Black

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