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Yes you, sitting in that comfy chair, scrolling over my portfolio. Let me tell you a few words about myself. I am a creative mind made in Slovenia, but living across the globe, chasing my passion for design. I love the details - small touches such as the right paper which allows print materials to stand out even more, or excellent user interface which will let you proceed all information online.

I’m fluent in brand identities, typography and composition. There is nothing more fulfilling than finding new, imaginative ways to present a product, service and even ideas. Especially when you can do that in a comfy chair but out of your comfort zone! This is a place where the best ideas come to life (with some chocolate aside).
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How about NO!
Why we should use the word NO more often and not feel guilty about it

Why are we so generous with YES, and feel so much shame with NO? What is it about “no” that causes us to bite our tongues rather than to say it aloud? Is it really that hard to say “no” if we don't feel comfortable with something?

We should feel comfortable – if not empowered! – saying no to so many things: when our boss asks us to use brown instead of blue (especially when blue is a primary colour in the brand guideline, and brown is not even close to the rules of using the brand colours); fussy clients stealing our time with endless corrections while expecting us to work for free or, better yet, for "a reference"; rude service in the restaurant; a nagging nephew asking for a bar of chocolate before lunch; and absolutely to someone who tries to skip the line in front of us and asks if we don't mind... We do mind! We don't need to feel obligated to apologise when we use the word no. We should not be sorry that we don't feel comfortable or that we don't want to do something that goes against our belief or will.

On the other hand, we don't have a problem fighting with people that are closest to us, insisting with “no” even when we should be agreeing with them. It's funny how we have double standards for strangers and people we love most.

I'm not saying that we should say no to everything. Rather, a fair balance of “yes” and “no” would be a suitable start.