Hello there,
Yes you, sitting in that comfy chair, scrolling over my portfolio. Let me tell you a few words about myself. I am a creative mind made in Slovenia, but living across the globe, chasing my passion for design. I love the details - small touches such as the right paper which allows print materials to stand out even more, or excellent user interface which will let you proceed all information online.

I’m fluent in brand identities, typography and composition. There is nothing more fulfilling than finding new, imaginative ways to present a product, service and even ideas. Especially when you can do that in a comfy chair but out of your comfort zone! This is a place where the best ideas come to life (with some chocolate aside).
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Creatives being creative
“How about you just come up with a few ideas, and we’ll think about it.”

How about it doesn’t work like that. I wonder if people actually think that designers, art directors, and creatives in general are just an endless source of great ideas and every single one matches their needs so ideally that they can simply just choose. Well, I’m here to crush your dreams because you need to know that it doesn’t work like that. Hell, it takes a lot of energy and patience to listen to clients in the first place. Afterwards, we need to process all of that information – if we’re lucky enough that they even clearly expressed what's on their mind. And finally, we bury ourselves into our work and come up with a solution that we think will work.

Don't blame us if we lose all our hope and enthusiasm in the process of tireless revisions! What would help the most is if people made up their minds from the start. That way, it would be far easier for us to listen for three hours in the beginning rather than to lose 15 hours from revising and restarting mid-process because we’re unsynchronised from the get-go.

Every time I’m asked, "how do you know if it’s a good design?" I take a deep breath and calm myself down, willing my legs not to walk away. There is no such thing as “good” versus “bad” design – “good” is the design that sells, tells and describes something successfully, measured with identifiable results. I’ve seen examples of pretty terrible designs, yet their sales records were extraordinary. On the other hand, you can have a brand with a neat design and great identity that has to shut down business. So, it really comes down to user experience in the end. If that’s good, the design is not really what’s in question. But if you don't create a good user experience, even the best design won't save you.