Hello there,
Yes you, sitting in that comfy chair, scrolling over my portfolio. Let me tell you a few words about myself. I am a creative mind made in Slovenia, but living across the globe, chasing my passion for design. I love the details - small touches such as the right paper which allows print materials to stand out even more, or excellent user interface which will let you proceed all information online.

I’m fluent in brand identities, typography and composition. There is nothing more fulfilling than finding new, imaginative ways to present a product, service and even ideas. Especially when you can do that in a comfy chair but out of your comfort zone! This is a place where the best ideas come to life (with some chocolate aside).
Let’s work together!
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I would love to hear about it!
A shot of water, no ice.
What do you mean you don’t feel like drinking a wine tonight?

Every time it’s the same story:

“Hey dear, what do you want to drink?”
“Um, I’ll go with a glass of water, please.”
“Wait; what? Are you pregnant!? Sick!? Not feeling well!? Oh, come one, at least one glass of wine for a start?”

No. I’ve already tested my boundaries with alcohol, and I have no intentions to drink anything today. If you want to cheer me up, give me a strawberry juice with whipped cream, please, instead of that expensive bottle of wine (and don’t worry about the calories). It’s engrained in our culture to drink alcohol: a glass of wine at lunch, a whole bottle for dinner with friends, a shot if we feel nervous and then another to stop our hands shaking. How hard is it to process that someone doesn’t feel like drinking at a particular moment? Do we live in a society where we don’t know how to relax anymore without a strong buzz? Do we live for going out on Friday, getting wasted, repeating it on Saturday, and trying to pull ourselves together on Sunday?

It’s almost a cliché that adulthood is strongly connected with alcohol. We see it in movies, commercials, on every corner. We have this perception since childhood that our homes (including mine) are full of different bottles of alcohol at any given time – at least for the situations when you are sick. Some believe it’s a medicine from God. After all, Jesus transformed water into wine and not the other way around, right? Godly or not, I still don’t feel like a glass, thanks.